Kristin Kalning
Creator & Host

I came up with the idea for Real Life Adoption exactly 24 hours after I quit my job as a communications manager. Actually, I had the idea to do a podcast, but it was my husband, Steve, who suggested it be about adoption. But I didn’t want to do an informational podcast. I wanted to tell stories.

I’ve loved a good story for as long as I’ve had ears. As a kid, I loved reading so much that I figured out a way to wedge a paperback book between the glass shower doors and read while I bathed. And I wrote –- notebooks and notebooks of fiction and journal entries, and eventually, news. I have been a reporter and an editor for such organizations as,,, and The Seattle Times.

I definitely got my love of audio from my dad, who grew up listening to stories broadcast on the family radio. He especially loved the scary ones, like “Inner Sanctum,” “Suspense,” and “Lights Out.” When I was a kid, he found a radio station 200 miles away that would broadcast those shows, and he made hundreds of cassette recordings. He’d play those tapes during long car trips and scare the hell out of us kids.

Speaking of kids, I have two, both adopted internationally. I’m married to Steve, who has both excellent ideas and great taste in women. We live outside of Seattle with two dogs, two cats, and a very busy Roomba.

I love chocolate, but not in the way that you love chocolate. If it’s a choice between vanilla and nothing, I choose nothing. My signature drink is gin and tonic. When I met my husband, I’d had about six of them, but that’s not why I agreed to go out with him. My favorite color is orange. My favorite video of all time is Ninja Cat. I’m super excited about this podcast, and hope you enjoy it. If you’d like to get in touch, you can email me, or go to the Participate page.